Trainings - Applications and How To Guides

We prepared handy tips and tricks for processing laser and rotary engraving materials, step by step guides and recommendations. Register for our newsletter and be informed, if new tutorials for engraving materials are available. 

Step by step guide for various applications

Follow our step by step tutorials and get more familiar working with engraving materials and Trotec laser systems. Use our sample graphics and turn them easily into finished workpieces. Learn important tips and tricks that will make your daily work easier in each tutorial.

Finding the right laser parameters

The following guide explains how to determine the right parameters for your application.

wall decoration elephant
3D Wall Decoration: Elephant

With just a few cuts you can produce this three-dimensional elephant from TroCraft Eco laser material

home decor with flowers
Abstract flower decoration

Create a minimalist, modern wall art and home decor with flowers

create easter decoration with by your own
Easter Bunny Shelf Sitter

Wooden Easter decorations great for sitting on a shelf or desk made with wood and TroGlass

Nursery Mobile

Manufacture this individual mobile out of TroGlass Pastel and TroGlass Satins

Multi-layer acrylic trophy

Want to make a fancy trophy? In this tutorial we show you how you can make an impressive trophy out of individual acrylic layers.

Display acrylic mirror
Extraordinary rotating table made from TroGlass Mirror

Make this extraordinary rotating jewellery display from TroGlass Mirror

Wood box out of different Trotec wood types

Learn how to easily design a box and how to cut and engrave it from solid wood, wood veneer and MDF.


Our Tea House sign combines the various techniques you can use for processing engravable wood. Learn how to create a sign out of laserable wood.

Trophy with relief engraving

This step-by-step guide describes how to create a trophy with relief engraving using Trotec materials.

Laser cut stickers and labels from TroLase Lights

Read our tips and instructions how to create stickers from TroLase Lights with the Kiss Cut method.

TroLase ADA Signage wall clock

Do it yourself: Instructions and template download.

Parking sign out of laserable plastic

Create your individual parking sign with TroLase and mounting devices for your customers. Instructions and template for download.

How to easily laser engrave functional signage

Our tutorial will show you how to easily engrave signage with a step by step guide.

Custom-made sign - engraving a control panel

Learn how to laser engrave and laser cut custome-made signs in our handy how-to guide.

Laser engrave decorative items

View our step by step guide for engraving a decorative item from TroLase.

Muffin Case laser engraved
TroLase Thins Christmas decoration

Create muffin cases from TroLase Thins with the help of our step by step guide.

Create your individual acrylic coffee bar

See how you can make your own coffee bar made of several layers of acrylic. Use Trotec's free instructions and template download for your laser.

Template for processing dog tags

We want to show you a very fast and easy way of processing multiple small accessoires and items.

Create laser engraved plant signs

Learn how to laser engrave and laser cut a spring-like plant sign with our TroLase Reverse. 

Acrylic Christmas Tree

Laser cut a Christmas tree made of coloured acrylic sheets. Find a free template and instructions.

TroGlass and Wood Veneer bouquet

Learn how you can produce a decorative and extraordinary Mother's Day gift out of Trotec engraving materials.