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Learn how to laser engrave aluminium labels

Our tutorial will show you how to easily laser engrave aluminium labels from our Trotec Anodised Aluminium. The step by step guide shows how to import graphics, duplicate them and gives you important processing tips.

Enjoy watching the video:

Aluminium engraving

When engraving aluminium, most of the time anodised aluminium is used. In can be engraved by a laser or rotary machine and allows for fine detail engraving on a product strong enough to withstand most external factors.

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aluminium engraving
Trotec Anodised Aluminium

Trotec offers anodised aluminium in various colours in both matt and glossy finishes. It features an anodised coating of up to 22 microns, which is best in its class in terms of product durability and withstanding external factors. 

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Laser tutorial playlist

Join our new playlist on the Trotec YouTube channel called "Laser tutorials". Here you will find our updated video demonstrations and tutorials.

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