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Trotec Laser Engraving Machines

Trotec is a leading international provider of laser systems for a wide range of applications, from laser cutting and engraving to industrial marking. The company’s extensive line of quality laser engravers, cutters and markers, coupled with its unmatched service and support offerings, have made Trotec one of the industry’s leaders. Trotec offers also software, a line of exhaust systems and laser and rotary engraving materials. Trotec’s machines are currently in use in over 90 countries around the globe.

Trotec Laser company
About Trotec

Trotec was formed in 1997 from a research branch of Trodat and has since then become a world leader in the field of laser technology. In 2015, the turnover of the Upper Austrian laser manufacturer for the first time exceeded € 100 mio. The high-technology laser systems manufacturer relies on the ongoing expansion of its technological lead and on consequent customer orientation. The field staff are qualified and continuously trained by the in-house Academy. With 17 sales subsidiaries, Trotec is internationally active. The export quota is 97%.

Trotec laser and consumables Austria
About Trodat Trotec Holding GmbH

Under the umbrella of Trodat Trotec Holding GmbH, Trodat operates globally in the area of stamp production while Trotec operates in lasers.
The group is present in more than 150 countries with total export quota amounts over 98 %. Both Trodat and Trotec act as subsidiaries under the umbrella of Trodat Trotec Holding GmbH. Trodat is by far the world’s largest manufacturer of stamps and Trotec leads the world market for laser engraving, cutting and marking.

trotec employees
Our employees and their stories

Get to know our company and our employees: some of our employees from various departments introduce themselves in interviews and give us some insight into their working life at Trotec.

Get to know our employees

Expert for laserable and mechanical engraving materials
What special advantages do Trotec materials offer?

At Trotec, we have over 20 years experience in both laserable and mechanical engraving materials, providing us with unrivalled knowledge to share with our clients. We aim to assist our customers in improving profitability and productivity by supplying Trotec materials which offer superior results, offering additional services and providing a one stop shop solution for materials and laser machines.

self produced laser materials range
Trotec offers a full laminates range from own production

Through the acquisition of "Innovative Laminations Company" in 2015 Trotec became a manufacturer of trusted and industry-proven engraving materials. Trotec now offers an extensive range of highest quality consumables to customers around the globe.

ILC is the US expert in manufacturing high-quality, thermoplastic decorative laminates based in New Bern, NC, US. As a custom manufacturer, ILC is able to provide any plastic material, color, pattern and finish for a customer's specific needs. 
Customers appreciate reduced residue while engraving, non-sticky laser-cut edges and fewer necessary passes for engraving. This leads to better engraving results and saves valuable time and money.

 View our ILC company video

laser materials sample production
In-house samples production

We like to share a variety of products that are good examples of what you can make with our engraving materials. You may be wondering, where do Trotec Laser get all those samples? The answer: We have a great team of 6 employees in Marchtrenk, Austria dedicated to making samples using our laser machines. This dedicated team is continually increasing production and expanding the types of applications it produces to offer you more examples that illustrate what is possible when you combine a Trotec laser and Trotec engraving supplies.

Trotec customer contact
Outstanding results for our clients

We believe in making our clients more profitable. We do so by offering high quality products which are continously enhanced through significant investment in research and development. Our materials are tested thoroughly in our Application Labs across the world to ensure optimum results for our customers. We thrive to offer the best products, both in our range of laser machines and engraving materials, to guarantee our clients get outstanding results, everytime.

Trotec multi warehause
Multi-Warehouse Structure

As our product range is constantly expanding, Trotec has relocated its central warehouse, which offers more storage space and a higher structure. In our new warehouse, the multi-warehouse structure guarantees fast processing of orders and high availability of laser materials.

cutting service
Cutting service

With us you have the opportunity to order tailored laser materials. Trotec offers cutting options including customized cutting, holes with different diameters, rounded corners and faceting. Depending on the product group, there are different possibilities.