Custom-made sign - engraving a control panel

Our tutorial will show you how to easily engrave signage, with a step by step guide on how to insert graphics, define the correct size and cutting lines. Step by step you will be guided to a laser engraved and laser cut sign, including important tips and tricks for using laser materials and laser systems.

Tutorial: How to laser engrave a sign

For this application we have used the popular laser material TroLase in blue/white. Find more details about TroLase here.

Design control panel
1. Design individual basic shape

Measure height, width, hole spacing and hole diameter of the object and draw the basic shape with these dimensions in Corel Draw. Click the upper left corner and re-position the zero-point by pulling it on the upper left corner of the graphic. The guidelines are pulled from the sides towards the graphic and can be exactly positioned by using the above and left ruler. The cutting lines can be exactly positioned on the grid.

Add text control panel
2. Add text

Click the Text tool, then click on the required position on the sign. Type the required text in the desired font and center the text.  

JobControl® laser software
3. Send graphic to JobControl®

Highlight the entire graphic and select 'Print'. Enter the dimensions of the graphic, +1 mm in height and width, choose the relevant material and define the process options (process mode standard, 500 dpi, enhanced geometries). Send your graphic to JobControl® by hitting the 'JC' button and choose 'Print'.

Start laser engraving
4. Laser engrave control panel

Set the engraving start positon to begin at the bottom (find this in the menu 'Plate - Plate setup'). Remove the protection foil from the engraving material and activate the vacuum. Focus the laser beam - and off you go!

Engraving tips control panel
Tips & Tricks
  • Consider the cutting sequence: The cutting lines are considered bottom up in the production process. Therefore, place the outline at the top position in Corel Draw Object Manager.
  • For an increased vacuum strength, cover unused parts of the table with paper.


    Select the engraving start position as 'bottom'. This prevents deposits from setting on engraved areas which could discolour the product.
  • Use the Z-Offset to obtain a more homogeneous engraving result. Depending upon the design, adjust to max. 3 mm in the +.


    If colour residues are present, check the parameters, focus and that the laminate is flat on the table.