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TroGlitter – new acrylic sheets for your laser

new laserable sparkle acrylic sheet
A new highlight: TroGlitter

Another acrylic glass becomes part of our product range: TroGlitter. TroGlitter is a cast acrylic in which glitter particles are evenly distributed in the material. 

Turn your decorations into something special

Use the new TroGlitter to create simple, but very eye-catching and individual applications. One example is a cut-out lettering that immediately attracts attention. 

eye-catching and individual applications
Tips and tricks for processing TroGlitter

Glitter acrylic offers new possibilities for creative minds and designers and you can create interesting new visual effects. The basic material is cast acrylic, like the TroGlass series. The processing is therefore very similar to our existing acrylic. 

process troglitter acrylic sheets
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