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Creative freedom with TroGlitter

glittering acrylic sheets in new colors
Sparkle. Shiny. Striking.

As our TroGlitter laser material is so popular, we’re expanding our range to include rich red and green colors. TroGlitter is a cast acrylic in which glitter particles are evenly distributed throughout the material.

Lucky charms made of different laser materials

Surprise your loved ones with a custom-made lucky charm made of acrylic, anodized aluminum or wood. At Trotec you’ll find the right laser material for your lucky charm.

make your own custom-made lucky charm
Attract attention

Our glittering acrylic combines high quality and an eye-catching design. It is suitable for a variety of different applications, for example, for custom-made or occasion-related lettering, decorations, sales displays and also jewelery.

Custom-made Christmas decoration
Get the best results with our tips

Due to the simple processing, you can very quickly create interesting effects with this glitter acrylic. The base material is made of cast acrylic so the processing is very similar to our TroGlass series.

simple processing glitter acrylic
Create a glittering home decor sign

Watch the video to see how you can create a home decor sign with TroGlitter.


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