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Laserable cork

laserable cork - perfect for cutting and engraving
One of the most popular engraving materials: Cork

Another natural, environmentally-friendly laser material in the Trotec range: now you can order LaserCork that has been tested by our experts and use it for a variety of applications. Cork is a natural product with the most remarkable qualities such as elasticity, lightness and impermeability. These special properties, as well as the fact that LaserCork is perfect for cutting and engraving, makes LaserCork the perfect laser material.

How versatile is LaserCork?

The variety of beneficial properties of cork allows a wide range of applications. LaserCork is the perfect laser material for coasters and wall decorations such as a map or pin board. But cork is also suitable for photo engraving, invitations or as a customized decoration for wine bottles.

cork sheets for a wide range of applications
Are you looking for tips on material usage?

To get started straight away with the right laser parameters and achieve a nice laser engraving or a precise cut, read our tips on material usage. We have summarized the most important points for you.

tips for processing a cork board
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