Digital Print Series: new possibilities in the field of visual communications 

Discover the special features of this lasermaterial for digital printing

There are no limits for the creative design of the digital printing material. By introducing the Trotec Digital Print Series, Trotec is opening the door to a new combination of printing, laser engraving and laser cutting processes. The special feature of this product is the high-quality long-term binding of the printing color due to the primer. One advantage is, that the primer is already on the material, so the printers can skip this step.


Digital Print Series - the award-winning product

Trotec was awarded with the prestigious European Digital Press Association (EDP) award at FESPA in Hamburg, Germany. Furthermore, we performed some material tests with leading global printing companys such as AGFA and Mimaki. 

Business cards with laser cut, laser engraving and digital printing
  • Ink-receptive surface for better bonding of digital print
  • Wide range of colors available, including various metallic surfaces, which can be incorporated in the print design.
  • Both film and core allow for very good results when laser engraved or cut – same level as TroLase products

Puzzle - an application combining laser cutting and engraving with digital printing
Which points do I have to take into account on creating a graphic print?

In general, prepare your print data as usual. If you want to achieve structural effects, such as a brushed or metallic surface in your design, do not use the white print.

Explanation: When printing, “white” is not printed as a color. If “white” is included in the desired image, this area is left out and will remain translucent.

Tip: Clarify your special printing requirements directly with the printing shop you trust.

Laser process

The basic characteristics of the Digital print series are equal to the TroLase product range. You can
use your exisiting engraving and cutting parameters for the process with this material or you use our recommended standard parameters.

For a precise cut of your application print the registration marks additionaly and cut your sample exact with the help of the JobControl® Vision camera system. We recommend to equip the registration marks with a white edge, when they are in a dark part of the print. Thereby it is possible to cut the whole printing plate and give them an individual engraving as required of your customers.